$15,000 will be the target price – Bitcoin halving price prediction

If we see the history, it is easy to predict that Bitcoin price always increases from its previous year’s high on the halving year. If history follows, Bitcoin price will be more than $15,000 in 2020 according to the crypto analysts.

Before every halving, Bitcoin has always reached a new high relative to the high of the previous year.

Bitcoin Halving Price prediction

During its first halving, Bitcoin price was $16 in 2013 (Halving year) where as it was $7 in 2012. The same happened with the second halving that happened in 2016.


The price of Bitcoin during second halving was $790 in 2016 (Halving year) where as the previous year all-time high was $502 in 2015.

If history repeats, the price of the Bitcoin in 2019 was $13,900, so we will see $15,000+ in 2020 which is a halving year. The Bitcoin is trading for $8650 at the time of writing this article.