Block Gemini Selects New Strategic Strategy Officer

Block Gemini: Matthias Sheikh Mende, a remarkable global marketing expert, blockchain tech specialist, and web-based entrepreneurship social media influencer, will lead the way toward building up vital associations and activities.

Being on the limit of commending its first anniversary, Block Gemini Technologies chooses to expound its improvement strategy — not just to guarantee the organization’s leading driving position in the blockchain space, as DLT is achieving the new phase of its development, yet additionally to take the whole business amusement to the next level. Matthias Mende, as the recently selected CSO of Block Gemini, will chip away at the organization’s headway towards this objective.

Matthias Sheikh Mende

The German Citizen is right now living between a few cities, including Dubai and Berlin, Mende has given himself to business, most recent advances, and global showcasing. He made the first media debut in the popular UAE newspaper Khaleej Times as the developer of The Imam App, a portable mobile application assisting recent Muslim Convert with learning the procedure of the Islamic prayer. Accordingly, In the year of 2011 Mende built up his very own social media boutique agency in Dubai, while acing the capability of developing advancements, for example, blockchain tech, and counseling top officials on their implementations. Rapidly he turned into a socialite and business influencer with a wide arsenal of prominent associations, starting from Hollywood stars, musicians and some of the most elevated echelons of the UAE Government as he showcased on his social media channels. Matthias seems to have an endless worldwide network. He is findable under the handle @sheikhmende and shares updates on daily bases. Presently, the CSO of Block Gemini is feeling resolved to convey developments to achieve the organization’s vision of becoming the world’s leading blockchain development company.

Matthias Mende

Mende constantly travels to blockchain and enterprise, supply chain related occasions around the world in his new title as chief strategic officer. Often close by serving as right hand to Christopher Fernandez, Founder and CEO of Block Gemini.

Matthias strives for perfection in handling his tasks and aims to become a great philanthropist like one of his mentors Brock Pierce who recently donated one billion $ into charitable causes.

The Block Gemini group is cheerful to get Matthias Mende on board and anticipating demonstrating our new magnificent undertakings to the world.