France hits Google with $166M antitrust fine for murky and conflicting advertisement rules

France’s opposition guard dog has hit Google with a €150 million (~$166M) fine in the wake of finding the tech monster manhandled its prevailing situation in the online hunt publicizing market.

In a choice reported today — following an extensive examination concerning the online promotion division — the challenge authority sanctions Google for receiving what it depicts as “dark and hard to comprehend” working standards for its advertisement stage, Google Ads, and for applying them in “an uncalled for and irregular way”.

The guard dog has requested Google to explain how it draws up rules for the activity of Google Ads and its strategies for suspending accounts. The tech mammoth will likewise need to set up measures to avert, identify and manage infringement of Google Ads rules.


A Google representative disclosed to TechCrunch the organization will claim the choice.

The choice — which comes hard on the impact points of a market study report by the UK’s opposition guard dog requesting sees on whether Google ought to be separated — identifies with search promotions which show up when a client of Google’s web index looks for something and advertisements are served nearby natural list items.

All the more explicitly it identifies with the principles Google applies to its Ads stage which set conditions under which promoters can communicate advertisements — rules the guard dog saw as befuddling and conflictingly applied.

It additionally discovered Google had changed its situation on the understanding of the principles after some time, which it said produced flimsiness for certain sponsors who were kept in a circumstance of legitimate and financial weakness.

In France, Google holds a prevailing situation in the online hunt advertise, with its web index answerable for over 90% of searches did and holds over 80% of the online promotion showcase connected to look, per the guard dog which takes note of that that strength puts necessities on it to characterize working standards of its promotion stage in a target, straightforward and non-unfair way.

Anyway it discovered Google’s wording of promotion rules neglected to satisfy that standard — saying it is “not founded on any exact and stable definition, which gives Google full scope to translate them as indicated by circumstances”.